Alex Jayne / Reveals cinematic new single 'Clouds'

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Her boldest statement of intent to date, Alex Jayne has today released surreal new single ‘Clouds’. 

A master at revealing the universality of feelings and experiences we once thought singular, Alex is blessed with a shrewd observational eye. Previous single ‘Backseat’ conveyed the paradoxical privacy of a late-night cab drive through a hectic city. Its follow-up is the sound of a revelation hitting home after weeks spent soul searching, the realisation that the cracks you’ve just noticed have been there all along.

“It’s that endless sense of summer where you’re so wrapped up in your world, you don’t notice the clouds above.

“Sometimes we question things that take life in a different direction, but in time you might see them in a new light.”, declares Alex. 

Taking her vision beyond the song itself, Alex is at the heart of the story told in the Laurie Barraclough-directed video. “We wanted to create a seemingly idyllic scenario but at the centre is a girl who feels disconnected - she’s on the outside looking in. There’s an ominous feeling to it, the sense of things not being quite what they seem”.

Working again with producer Duncan Pym, ‘Clouds’ is at once Alex’s most stripped back and cinematic track to date. A sharp intake of breath follows its close, similar to the moment a TV drama reveals the killer to be the person you least suspected. 

Recently featured in BBC Introducing’s Reading and Leeds Hotlist, Alex has been the recipient of praise from the likes of The Guardian, Clash and The Line of Best Fit.

Of her style, she says: “My songs come from an intensely real place. There are many colours and senses that flow through the music. The truth though is for someone else to feel”.